Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot

Created by Sue Sparrow Bellamy




Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot Revised Edition / Limited Edition of 1000 


Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot stands alone in its unique ability to empower readers to use their imagination, trust their intuition and strengthen their innate psychic abilities. Whether beginner or advanced, readers see with fresh eyes, creating a new and unlimited experience with each spread. Inspired by ancient Shamanic divination techniques such as scrying and rock reading, Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot comes alive bursting with color and story, making it a powerful and practical divination tool.

The cards are derived from Sue’s original paintings. The deck is comprised of 78 cards divided among the 22 Major Arcana and the 56 Minor Arcana.

Each card has a short description to help guide you, and the deck is accompanied by a colorful 90 page companion book. The holographic gilt-edged cards and book are held in a violet linen keepsake box with magnetic closure. Overall dimensions 6” x 4”.

The Major Arcana cards are 22 turning points or key spiritual lessons we experience in a lifetime. They map out a journey we are all on starting with The Dreamer and ending with The World. Arcana means a mystery or a deep secret and it is through these ancient mysteries that we will find keys to our own healing.

The Minor Arcana cards consist of 4 suits based on the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Each suit is made up of 14 cards (4 court cards and 10 pip cards). These cards represent day-to-day life, and provide an intimate insight into daily decision-making.




“Everything about this deck is exceptional. the box is nice and sturdy, the cards are thick and large with nice slip, the edging is also beautiful! I’m so happy with it, the art is magnificent and really speaks to my subconscious. thank you so much!” ~S.O.

“Lovely, unique, and delightful with exceptional quality: these are the best-shuffling large cards I have encountered, and they feel like they will last for ages. This is not a beginner deck, but is accessible and approachable for an abstract tarot, and also viable as an oracle. I felt the cards had a warm energy for a tender time in my life, and they do. The deck suggests emotional currents and invites exploration and pairing.” ~ Alison

“This is probably the most beautiful tarot deck that I own. You can go deep with a single card. Or you could pull several and have gorgeous story reflecting your own psyche to unwind at your leisure.” ~Alexa

“This is the most amazing deck! I love it so much, it’s unlike anything in my collection.” ~Liern

“What a beautiful and amazing deck! I am so happy I purchased these. They are big cards, but they shuffle and handle really well. The details from the box to card backs are all top notch production. And the colors and the art are stunning! They read very clearly for me as well. I highly recommend this deck.” ~Indigo

“Absolutely beautiful deck with powerful but gentle, pure energy.” ~Malory

praise for dream dust…

“Sue has created a magically expansive and beautifully unique divinitory toolset that far exceeds the expectations of most tarot decks. With its gorgeous artwork and intelligent guidebook, the Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot doesn’t just provide linear insight and traditional tarot symbology, but instead ushers the user into the borderless, limitless and impressionistically visionary insight of the dreams that shamans might dream. The deck invites the user to individually co-create answers for themselves and to learn to follow their own intuitive guidance, wisdom and insight. This product is next step in the evolution of tarot, divination, intuitive development and earth-wisdom.”


“Inspired creation. Beautiful and powerful.”  ~ Llyn Roberts, Founder, Shamanic Reiki Worldwide

“Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot provides an intuitive landscape to access the language and rhythm of nature. The subtle imagery inspires a deep remembering of the wisdom of the elements, and for the reader… a powerful resource for personal and collective healing.” ~ Stacey Gibbons, Co-Founder, Shamanic Reiki Worldwide

“Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot Deck is not only beautiful but also magical. I teach Tarot and have studied it extensively and love how Sue’s cards are different and hold such poetic meaning for the person who is using them. Sure, there are the meanings in the book that you can read but if you ask a question, gaze into them, they speak to your heart and soul. Your “soul’s language” is written in each card and holds your very own special answer.  Not a generic answer. One that is written just for you. Her cards feel alive and their energy is always ready to meet you on your path and Guide you to your dreams. My students in Membership for your Soul use her deck, and I love hearing how the cards offer them solutions and help them live a life from their heart and soul.” ~ Marilyn Alauria – Medium, Mentor

“Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot is a true gift in the world of Tarot. Rather than a deck that that calls on your memory this is a deck that calls on your intuition.  Something we can all use more of. Rather than seeing an image that brings forth wisdom from your left brain it brings forth wisdom from the right brain.  This in fact is what Tarot should do.  Rather than spend years ‘learning’ Tarot like I did, spend time evolving your intuition with this beautifully conceived and produced deck.  Highly recommended for both Tarot professionals and those new to Tarot.  I have recommended to many and will continue to because using it more and more brings out more and more each day.  Amazing.”  ~Susan Grand Rashkin

“Sue’s (her) intention and focus on the purpose of this deck for people with mediumship gifts is all over these cards. Thank you so much for breaking from tradition to share your unique vision, I will learn from this deck for years to come.” ~ Bailey T. 

“Working with the Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot is such a joyful experience. Each time I pull a card and lay out a spread, my inner child jumps with joy and excitement. Each card invites me on a journey where I find new landscapes to explore, new beings to encounter. I love that my intuition is called forth when working with these beautifully crafted cards. The statement on Sue’s website “Each card is a poem, a meditation.” rings so true.” ~Viviane M.

“Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot Deck is truly magical and mystical, creating a bridge between both the visible and the invisible worlds. The quality and stunning presentation of the deck with gold gilded edges, glossy lamination, heavy stock, and magnetic box is unlike any other tarot deck. The abstract paintings on each card are extraordinarily beautiful, enticing and engaging all of the psychic senses as you step into each landscape, luring you into a world of intuition and inspiration. The paintings speak like poetry, revealing profound guidance, and the accompanying guide book provides confirmation. This is a beautifully crafted deck, deeply rooted in spiritual energy that awakens your natural intuition, providing keys to the mysteries of our daily lives. I highly recommend this amazing deck for anyone seeking to connect with their psychic gifts, trust their intuitive styles, and illuminate their lives. I love and cherish my deck, Sue. I’m learning so much from you and I’m so grateful our paths have crossed. Much love to you!” ~ Lisa W.

“I have to admit I have my fair share of oracle and tarot decks. But NONE of them have set my soul on fire like the Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot deck. Sue’s artwork is such a gift that she has shared with us all. Doing the class was magnificent, it taught me a whole new way to read the cards , You actually see your own messages and every time I see different images. I live in Australia and received them super fast. I have nothing but high praise for the shamanic deck,  Sue is a wonderful, beautiful talented soul, and I feel blessed to have this deck.”Anne-Marie, Western Australia

“Woww. the VIBRANCY ! Dream Dust opens portals. Amidst literally getting 3 lunchboxes made for my boys ages 10, 11 and 15 and folding laundry before I am heading to work, I sat down with your cards, held them, felt them. I decided to do just 1 card reading and after tuning in, selected a card and it was the Earth Goddess card, affirming the practicality, security, fruitfulness and creativity of a healthy home. I was touched and moved by such sentences in the unseen work of domestic care and for years have attuned to Hestia for the hearth of my home. Your art and words are radiant. This card deck is spectacular. #RootedInReverence” ~ Jill W.

“Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot takes you out to the fields beyond the towns of centuries, with words and images, walks with you on your inner journey. The clarity, integrity, and empathy that Sue expresses in her Shamanic Tarot is a necessity for today’s hyper-stimulated and transitional times. Radical generosity and kindness drips off of Kovacs’ book and deck.”

~ Shelley Marlow, Author, NYC

“Creative and inspirational guidance in these beautifully painted cards, help both my clients and my self. As I pull a card and let my eyes be drawn into the layers of knowledge, that shows it’s self in all kinds of forms and positioning; thru color, plants, animals, people and even mystical creatures, it aids me on my own path thru life as well as when I do readings for my clients. It is so rewarding how the information I receive from the cards is very accurate to the client. Thank you Sue, and your guides, for bringing into being, this incredible tool. I love telling my clients about you and the beautiful Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot Cards. I believe my next step with them are readings at house parties.” ~ Sandra Pelley