1 Hour Shamanic Reiki Session  /  175

1 Hour Intuitive Tarot Reading / 150

Shamanic Reiki + Reading  / 250

Package of 4 – 1 Hour Shamanic Reiki Sessions  /  650


Gift Cards Available


A sliding scale is available to those in need who are working with Sue on an on-going basis.

Healing can be provided on an as needed basis or as a more thorough process of integration that would require regular follow-up sessions.

The purpose of continuing the work together would be to “go deeper”, finding ways to restore and maintain balance and harmony in your life.  Most people experience noticeable differences with each session. However it’s important not to expect a quick-fix, especially for deeper, chronic issues. These may take longer to unravel. 

All sessions are available in person and over distance.
Please email me to book your session or free consultation.

Please note :

I am an energy healer not a medical practitioner. I do not diagnose or prescribe. Working with me is not intended to replace any treatment, diagnosis or therapy as offered by your medical doctors. It is not intended to replace the care of your psychiatrist, or psychotherapist, or any medications such licensed individuals have prescribed to you. Shamanic Reiki offers an opportunity to balance mind, body, and spirit so you experience greater peace, harmony and joy. I am always happy to refer you to another local alternative. Sessions are available to all people. I do not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, ethnic background, religion, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, age, abilities, socio-economic status, political affiliation, or national ancestry.