I believe we all have the ability to heal from within and when our spirits are strong, we can heal from anything. Being balanced is a natural state to be in and it brings me great joy to be able to share with you my offerings that will nourish your spirit, reunite you with nature and facilitate you in living a more radiant, abundant and harmonious life.  

My journey began a long time ago with a life crisis that forced me to look deeply at the root cause of my pain and suffering. It was through my own fire walk that I found my gifts and the calling to help others heal.  

As a healer’s healer, my work helps those who are actively committed to their healing path and open to the challenges, changes and rewards that such inner work entails. 

The setting is relaxed, fun and empowering so that you can confidently integrate the changes in your life. 

You may feel stuck, blocked or unsure of the path you’re on. I work with you to help you gain new awareness and illuminate a clear path in alignment with your place and purpose. We work together to find the root causes of any blocks or afflictions in your life — as well as your natural strengths — so that you can emerge with acceptance, happiness and love. 

Aligning with your purpose gives you the reassurance you need to break through fear, beliefs and old patterns that no longer work. 


is a gentle and relaxing, non-invasive hands-on energy healing practice that merges traditional Usui Reiki with Shamanic techniques such as guided meditation, aromatherapy, divination, drumming and the use of plants and other sacred tools from nature. Shamanic Reiki is an intuitive, holistic approach to healing that combines universal life force energy (Qi or Chi) with elements of the natural world to help restore balance and to harmonize the mind, body and spirit.


Generally, healing sessions take anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes. Because of the intensity of these sessions, it’s important to leave time afterwards to relax and reflect. 

There are three parts to the healing session. We begin with a short overview of your energy. This is followed by energy healing which may include Reiki, aromatherapy, soul & spirit guide retrieval, extraction, cord clearing, divination, chakra balancing, guided meditation and breath-work. Once the healing is complete, we finish the session with some discussion and suggestions to help you integrate the experience. 

Healing can be provided on an as needed basis or as a more thorough process of integration that would require regular follow-up sessions. The purpose of continuing the work together would be to “go deeper”, finding ways to restore and maintain balance and harmony in your life.  

Most people experience noticeable differences with each session. However it’s important not to expect a quick-fix, especially for deeper, chronic issues. These may take longer to unravel. 


Feeling grounded and at peace 

Deeper relaxation and sleep

Increased vitality and immunity

Relief from pain, anxiety and depression 

Relief from trauma, grief or loss 

Personal and spiritual insight 

Improved relationships 

Expanded sense of wholeness and well-being 

Stronger connection to Nature 

Greater ability to create desired life changes 

Stronger connection to spiritual source and soul purpose 

Removal of blocks to creative flow and abundance 

Greater ability to manifest goals 

Greater ability to release addictions


Email Sue with questions or schedule an appointment or a complimentary consultation.  


Relax and be open. Be as clear as possible about your intention and areas of concern, and hold these in your heart during our session together. Pay attention to dreams, synchronicities, insights, and energy shifts after committing to the session, especially within the two days prior to the actual session. Ask for a healing dream the night before the session.

Please arrive on time. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy unless there is an emergency.

IN PERSON SESSIONS : Review the COVID 19 safety guidelines and return the signed the form at least 24 hours prior to your session.

I invite you to be ‘present’ when traveling to the healing session: for example, if driving turn the radio off, etc. and approach the day as a sacred retreat – if you can, it is ideal for you to take a walk in nature before the session.

Wear loose, comfortable and natural fiber clothing for the session. A tank top, loose t-shirt, shorts or loose pants are recommended.

Please refrain from wearing any scented lotion, perfume or cologne during the session.  

Reflect on why you seek a healing session.

Drink plenty of water and eat healthily and more lightly than normal 24-48 hours before the session.

Spend as much time in nature as you can. 

Encourage feelings to bubble to the surface. Do some inner-directed writing the day before and after the session to 

Relax & Renew. Take a warm bath or do some other type of renewing physical activity before the session.

A sliding scale is available to those in need who are working with Sue on an on-going basis.

Please note that you must be willing to engage in personal work to experience long term results from any shamanic healing work.

Remember that all services here are a compliment with traditional medical care and should not be used as a replacement for appropriate or immediate medical attention.